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Supplying across industries

Servicing Africa, The Middle East & Caribbean

At Winchester Supply our reputation is founded on our willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. With over 20 years in the industry and a combined 40 plus years of experience we know how to keep your operations running smoothly – be it mining projects, construction, agriculture or not-for-profit programs.

As one of the UK’s leading procurement companies we are

  • known for our creative approach to supply challenges
  • able to provide cost competitive product & equipment options
  • always in regular contact with our client base to ensure needs are met
  • experienced working with clients in developing countries to solve their supply challenges
  • No matter who you are or the type of product you need, we will always aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

    Whether your project is large or small, or you require one item or one hundred - contact us to see how we can help

    Latest News

    Effective immediately, Winchester Procurement has changed it's trading name to Winchester Supply.

    This change signifies an important evolution in the way our business positions itself and...

    2013-11-12 07:30